Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tragedy and stupidity

Normally,i don't bother to blog.But awhile back,a friend whose opinion i cherish and respect more than anything in the world suggested that i start one.So i did,and after a couple of minor posts ,i hadn't touched it lately.But recent events,and the comments that came out afterwards,got my attention.So here we are.
  The devastating earthquake in Haiti,and the horrendous aftermath,shook not only the US,but the entire world to its core.Once realization set in,relief efforts began to first organize,then began to arrive,and still are as i type this.Odds are,it's going to take a monumental commitment on the part of the developed world to restore Haiti to any sense of normalcy.the good news is,everyday people are also chipping in what they can.Through social networks such as facebook and twitter,and by simple text messages,donations pored in;this goes to prove that we can all come together in times of unspeakable tragedy.
 But there are those who took exception to these efforts;they only served to prove through their remarks how truly uncaring angd selfessly callous they truly are.
 First off,Pat robertson tried to make this out as though it was God's will against the Haitian people.Now, there is no denying that through his ministry and charitable organizations ,he has done good works around the world.but to use his television program,seen by millions not only here,but around the world,only went to show how out of touch he has become.Not only that,but to disguise such a base form of bigotry in the guise of being a devout christian man,is truly disturbing.to be a  bigot is bad enough in this day and age.to wrap it in the name of religion is to forget why some of the greatest atrocities were committed.
 Then there's Rush Limbaugh.what to say that hasn't already been said,by people better than me. to first demean the US military's efforts to deliver vital relief supplies,and then to urge his listeners not to contribute to any charity collecting money for donations,only goes to prove that he speaks not tothe average citizen,but to those who agree with his twisted racist worldview. it's because of people such as limbaugh,and others like him,that we're as a divided a country,not only politically,but along other lines as well.
And that's my rant on the subject. if you;re reading this. give what you can to the relief efforts.every little bit helps. please. and thank you.


  1. I couldn't agree with you more! Good to see you writing again, too. But I think you're going a bit too soft on Robertson. Need I remind you that he endorsed the idea that 9/11 was God's wrath for all the gays? (Or something to that effect.) At any rate, rant away! Robertson better hope he's wrong about God, or he'll be burning pretty soon. :-)

  2. I hope he spends eternity being ass raped by mike tyson's uglier doppelganger