Friday, January 29, 2010

anne frank and censorship

when i was growing up,i fell in love with reading.still mom used to tell me that i started by reading the back of cereal boxes when we went grocery shopping.and from there the love affair with books i have so many they have their own room in my house and  have spilled over to a second one.
 at some pont in school,i think junior high,i got a copy of the diary of anne frank. i was already interested in history,and reading the description of it caught my attention. what i read was the moving,haunting tale of a teenage girl and her family trying to not only hide out from the nazis with the help of friends,but to live out their lives as normally as possible in tjhose circumstances.we all know the story.ultimately they wre caught,and sent to concentration camps. if i remember,anne died just before the camp she was at was liberated by the allies.
which brings me to censorship. i follow alternet on is a greatsource for news you don't always see in the mainstream media.last night,they posted a story about a county in my home state pulling the book frpom the shelves because some parents were offended by some of the content. if you want to read more about it, go to @alternet. on twitter.i think the link's still good.
to pull this book because a young girl is coming into her womanhood under the most harrowingof circumstances is bullshit.this is one of the most important books of the 20th describes a time in someone's life that none of us today,hop[efully will ever hope to go through,or deny students to get a better understand of that period of history is should be required reading in junior and senior high schools across the country.

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