Thursday, February 18, 2010

answering a rant

ok,there i was minding my own business on twitter,when i came across a friend's posting their latest blog entry.i probbably wouldn't have paid it any mind,but it appeared to have been a rant about men.being male,this of course got my attention,so i decided to take a look.
big mistake.and while i can understand where she was coming from,i was a little bothered that she decided to catagorize all men under one general heading : that we apparently think with our *****(yeah,trying to keep it clean).
i don't deny that if i pass an attractive women on the street,i'll turn around and look.we all do,male AND female.but to say that we're all so shallow as to put appearance over everything else was, to put it mildly,a little i flirt? damn right!!but i'm single,too.i have the right.
but when it comes to relationships,i don't put looks over everything's not fair to the other person,and it's not fair to me.i would honestly rather be with someone who's at least got some common interests with me,and who i can TALK to as an adult,and have adult conversations with,than someone who's attrective on the outside,but who's just a shell with nothing on the inside.
and yeah,i've dated the latter.gets dull after awhile.i'd rather be with a whole woman,than a barbie doll.

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